Thursday, March 17, 2011


I have an announcement to make. It is very big and it makes me very proud to announce Photography by harmony!!! I am in business and my website is finally DONE. I know this has been a long time comin and I have put a lot of work and thought into my business so words can not express how STOKED I am. Thanks to all those who have supported me through all of this, your help and strength have meant a lot to me. You guys rock.
There is still more to come my current blog is but the new blog should be done by next week. So stay tuned and let me know what you think of the website:)



The Chappells said...

LOVE your pictures!! I think you could evenmake me look photographable! Perhaps I should move back "home". I do love how the last three posts on your blog start with "I have a big announcement" haha you are classic. Get out to VA before I leave so we can hangout. You have precisely two months! so GO! right meow!

Cerina J. said...

Harmony your photos are awesome!!!! Next time I'm out your way we should meet up and share tips!Really though your work is incredible!

Harmony said...

thanks you two!!! ceri you better call me next time you are here i would love to meet up. i could get a model and we could go out and have some fun:) love you both!!

Sarjonov said...

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well hey there peeps! i have just posted this blog so it is new and still needs a lot of sprucing but i wanted to put up some pictures as soon as possible. i am just starting my own new studio and i could not be more excited! YAY. i just ended a two year contract with another photographer so i have had 2 years experience in weddings, families, and seniors. I love it all! i will be updating the blog frequently so keep stoppin by.